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K-HitchInTime.jpg A Hitch In Time And Other Tales Price: $5.95
By Edd Doerr.
A series of historical tales, in the form of letters, that adds depth and breadth to one's understanding of American history.
Paperback, 94 pages.

K-VindRightsWomen.jpg A Vindication of the Rights of Women Price: $9.00
By Mary Wollstonecraft.
Published in the late 18th century, this was a true classic in the great campaign to attain universal suffrage.
Paperback - 206 pages.

K-Bioterror.jpg Bioterror: Scientists, Industry, Government and Ethics Price: $5.00
By Philip J. Regal; North American Committee for Humanism, Occasional Paper No. 1 Bioterrorism presents immense challenges for university scientists, the corporate community, and government. Professor Regal's groundbreaking analysis of the implications is a must read. Paperback, 39 pages.

K-ConfrontingSysViolence.jpg Confronting Systems of Violence: Memoirs of a Peace Activist Price: $12.95
By John M. Swomley.
This book describes some significant but little known episodes of American history, such as how President Truman was forced to desegregate the armed forces and how the Pentagon suffered its worst defeat at the hands of a civilian coalition organized to prevent the adoption of permanent military conscription.
Paperback, 150 pages.

K-CourWomen.gif Courageous Women Price: $20.00
A series of short works by the well known feminist Meg Bowman, this 239-page paperback book is crammed with stories, skits, poetry, responsive readings, and song parodies. Uplifting and motivating, Courageous Women is a book sure to capture your heart and raise your spirits.

K-TotheFlag.jpg To the Flag: The Unlikely History of the Pledge, Softcover Price: $20.00
In this winner of the Langum Prize in American Legal History, Richard Ellis unfurls the fascinating history of the Pledge of Allegiance and of the debates and controversies that have sometimes surrounded it. Softcover, 230 pages.

K-DudeWhere.jpg Dude, Where's My Country? Price: $24.95
No one is safe in Michael Moore's book: corporate barons who have bilked millions out of their employees' lifetime savings, legislators who have stripped away our civil liberties in the name of "homeland security," and even that right-wing brother-in-law of yours (yes, we all have one) who manages, year after year, through his babbling idiocy, to ruin Thanksgiving dinner. Hardcover, 272 pages.

K-Earthrise.jpg Earthrise Price: $25.00
By William Edelen.
Some of the best William Edelen columns from the last 30 years, and just as relevant today as they were when they were written.
Hardcover, 227 pages.

K-EuthanasiaMorality.jpg Euthanasia: The Moral Issues Price: $21.00
Edited by Robert M. Baird and Stuart E. Rosenbaum.
Covers the pros and cons of euthanasia, several first person stories, and several group statements on the topic.
Paperback, 182 pages.

K-FanaticsFools.jpg Fanatics and Fools Price: $23.95
By Arianna Huffington.
Fearless, funny, in full command of the facts, and ever passionate, Arianna Huffington offers not just a chapter-and-verse diagnosis of the fanaticism that drives the Bush White House but a bold vision of New Responsibility for rebuilding our broken democracy.
Hardcover, 370 pages.

K-FortunateSon.gif Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President Price: $16.50
By Jim Hatfield.
A meticulously researched, well-documented and eye-opening biography that features many of the things George W. Bush and his handlers would prefer you didn't know. Paperback, 382 pages.

K-HowCome.jpg How Come? Every Kid's Science Questions Explained Price: $11.95
By Kathy Wollard, Illustrations by Debra Solomon.
Why do people get goose bumps? Why don't fish and dolphins sleep? Why do ships and planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle? How does camera film record pictures? What are you wondering about? Chances are, Kathy Wollard can find the answers. Recommended for ages 8 and older.
Paperback - 320 pages

K-HowComeEarth.jpg How Come? Planet Earth Price: $11.95
By Kathy Wollard; Illustrated by Debra Solomon.
For all kids who want to know (and all kids want to know), and for the parents who can't always explain it to them, How Come? Planet Earth is the perfect reference and companion. Annotation: The journalist whose syndicated column, "How Come?" appears in newspapers around the world answers kids' questions about the natural world around them. Illustrated throughout.
Paperback - 332 pages.

K-HowtoBehaveandWhy.gif How to Behave and Why Price: $14.95
By Munro Leaf.
In a time when all the rules for raising children have been redefined dozens of times, here is a book for bewildered parents from a simpler time when we all agreed on what was right and what was wrong. First published in 1946, Munro Leaf's How To Behave And Why gives touchingly sincere yet gently funny lessons in Honesty, Fairness, Strength, and Wisdom.
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 48 pages

K-HowToLive.gif How to Live the Good Life: A User's Guide for Modern Humans [Paperback] Price: $18.95
PREPOSTEROUS... CHALLENGING... STIMULATING...Arthur Jackson's book is the product of his 40-year struggle to find a naturalistic alternative to traditional folk religions capable fo providing comparable emotional support. The result is a fascinating and eye-opening guide aimed at helping people experience more joy and achieving their full, positive potential. Paperback, 430 pages.

K-LivingBillOfRights.jpg Living the Bill of Rights: How to Be an Authentic American Price: $19.95
By Nat Hentoff.
One of America's most passionate writers about civil liberties enlivens issues about The Bill of Rights by giving profiles of individuals for whom the Constitution is a vital part of life. Provides an invigorating and entertaining reminder of why freedom of expression matters, and what some heroic Americans have done to protect it.
Paperback , 236 pages.

Marijuana Grow Horticulture Learn How Marijuana Plant Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible Price: $29.95
This highly informative, cleverly organized grower's guide tells you everything you ever wanted to know about growing medical marijuana. There are 512 pages with 1120 color images, and I mean quality images that really help to explain the growing process! A MUST for anyone considering this interesting new money making opportunity.

K-NoEndInSight.gif No End In Sight Price: $17.95
By Charles H. Ferguson. The first book of its kind to chronicle the reasons behind Iraq's descent into guerilla war, warlord rule, criminality, and anarchy. Not for the faint of heart, it is packed with facts and information which some may find troubling. Paperback - 672 pages.

K-PriceOfLoyalty.jpg Price of Loyalty, The Price: $26.00
By Ron Suskind. A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter's explosive account of the inner workings of the George W. Bush administration, the most secretive White House of modern times. At its core are the candid assessments of former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, the only member of Bush's innermost circle to leave and then agree to speak frankly about what really happened inside the White House. Hardcover, 348 pages.

K-ReligiousLiberty.jpg Religious Liberty and State Constitutions Price: $27.00
By Edd Doerr and Albert J. Menendez.
Examines the oft-overlooked differences between the constitutions of individual states and the U.S. Constitution, particularly in the area of church/state separation.
Hardcover - 117 pages.

K-AfircanAmericanRel.gif The African American Religious Experience in America (History of African-American Religions) [Paperback] Price: $24.00
By Anthony Pinn. Too often, consideration of African American religious expression is limited to considerations of black churches or to aspects of Islamic thought and practice. This comprehensive overview reveals the tremendous diversity of the African American religious communities in America. Paperback, 330 pages.

K-BetrayalOfAmerica.jpg The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President Price: $9.95
By Vincent Bugliosi.
A former Los Angeles County prosecutor, whose most famous trial was the Charles Manson case, uses passion and argument to establish that the U.S. Supreme Court unlawfully chose George W. Bush as president of the United States on December 12, 2000.
Paperback - 166 Pages.

K-BubbleAmerica.gif The Bubble of American Supremacy Price: $22.00
By George Soros.
In this compelling and heartfelt analysis of the United States' role in the post-9/11 world, George Soros challenges the Bush administration's disastrous conduct of foreign policy and the War on Terror.
Harcover, 207 pages.

K-TheEndOfAmerica.gif The End of America Price: $13.95
In The End of America, Naomi Wolf lays out her case for saving American democracy. The book cuts across political parties and ideologies and speaks directly to those among us who are concerned about the ever-tightening noose being placed around our liberties. Paperback - 176 pages.

K-LetterDeath.gif The Letter from Death Price: $17.95
This 130 page paperback book by author Lillian Moats casts a bright light on how are unexamined fear of death has been reinforced and manipulated throughout history. She states that this results in the misdirection of our energies away from the real and immediate challenges of this world and instead pushes us towards unnecessary war, injustice, and self-destruction. Thought provoking and easy to read.

K-NewAmericanEmpire.gif The New American Empire Price: $21.95
What is behind the American-led war in Iraq? Rodrigue Tremblay explains the fundamental - and disastrous - shift that foreign and domestic policies have taken under George W. Bush, since September 11, 2001.
Paperback - 365 pages.

K-RevolutionWillNot-BeTV.gif The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything Price: $26.95
By Joe Trippi
This is the story of how Trippi's revolutionary use of the Internet and an impassioned, contagious desire to overthrow politics as usual grew into a national grassroots movement and changed the face of politics forever. But it's also more than that.
It's about how to engage Americans in real dialogue, how business leaders, government leaders, and anyone else can make use of the most revolutionary idea to come along since man first learned to light a fire. No, not the Internet, or computers, or telecommunications.... Democracy!
Hardcover - 272 pages.

K-UniteAndConquer.gif Unite and Conquer Price: $16.95
By Kyrsten Sinema. Foreward By Janet Napolitano. Legislator Sinema shows how the future of the progressive movement is to be found in unity, alignment and partnership. Sinema's no-nonsense, concrete approach shows that we can work together for change when we let go of specific outcomes and focus on shared values. Paperback - 192 pages.

K-Weddings.jpg Weddings: the Magic of Creating Your Own Price: $19.95
By Henry S. Basayne and Linda R. Janowitz, Ph.D. If you are a couple who chooses to create all or part of your own ceremony, your wedding celebration will glow with the personal and distinctive warmth of a ceremony that is truly your own. If you think that the wedding ceremony is more than food, fashion or flowers, then this is the book for you. Paperback, 217 pages.

K-WhiteHouseEm.jpg White House Employee Handbook Price: $14.00
From the writers of
A staffer's guide to success, profit and eternal salvation inside George W. Bush's Executive Branch. This humor-packed book provides all the tips, tricks and guidance you need to get ahead in today's administration. Softcover, 202 pages.

Why Daddy is a Democrat Progressive Liberal caring sharing father role model Why Daddy is a Democrat Price: $9.00
Jeremy Zilber's book brings to life the core values of the Democratic party in ways that young children will easily understand and thoroughly enjoy. Using plain and non-judgmental language, along with warm and whimsical illustrations, this colorful 28-page paperback depicts the Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, equality, and concern for the well-being of others.

K-YoungWomen.gif Young Women of Achievement: A Resource for Girls in Science, Math, and Technology Price: $18.00
By Frances Karnes and Kristen Stephens. This upbeat, useful resource guide will give young women everything they need to start exploring and planning a career in science, math, or technology. From introducing available career opportunities to personal stories of achievement and historical references, as well as an experiential journal, this is a complete read for all young women. Paperback, 233 pages.

K-Convictions.jpg Convictions Price: $35.00
By Sidney Hook.
Pierces to the heart of momentous issues: human rights, racial equality, cultural freedom, and the separation of ethical behavior from religious belief.
Hardcover, 310 pages.

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Shirts, buttons, stickers, magnets, flags, books, & jewelery! All for liberal, progressive, lefties who love buttons and stickers to communicate with everyone around them...  Politely and clearly liberal and left!     Progressive people use buttons and stickers and magnets to win converts.
All proudly made in The USA by Free People, and shipped out within 48 hours to any liberal or progressive person or group on earth.            AddThis Social Bookmark Button
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