Stickers for Liberals, Progressives and Democrats to put on cars, doors, laptops & cell phones!

Liberal, progressive and Democratic ideas and slogans like peace, equality, freedom and fairness on stickers that you can put on cars, walls, cell phones, laptops, windows or any where else you desire! Proudly made in The USA by Free People, and shipped out within 48 hours to any liberal or progressive person or group on earth.

Get Corporations Off Welfare It's about time we pull corporations up by their boot straps. The courts may have (foolishly) ruled that a corporation is a person, but we'd be blind if we didn't see the way that they are taking advantage of the system, and REAL people who need help. Someone call the plumber, this trickle down crap isn't working! $2.00

Live Well Laugh Often and Never Vote Republican Oval sticker Live Well Laugh Often and Never Vote Republican Sticker. Just a little reminder here, of a few simple things that can raise everyone's quality of life.... $2.00

Blue State of Mind sticker Blue State of Mind sticker. This one is always fun to display in the red states. Show you're part of the patriotic 'resistance' in Jesusland!
Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm) Political liberal antiBush sticker.

The Earth is Our Mother Treat her with Respect, Sticker, full-size What a great outlook on life. Not enough people respect Mother Earth, and with this sticker you can help promote awareness of this fact. Our life depends solely on what our planet has provided. With humans going through our resources at an alarming rate and creating pollution on a catastrophic level it is only a matter of time until Mother Earth will no longer be able to support us. It is time to give respect where it is due. $2.00

CEOs don't "earn" billions! They Steal, Plunder or Embezzle it Republicans would have you believe that it is the wealthy who will get us out of this recession. Take away regulations and minimum wage and they would turn into superheros right before our eyes! Well, they haven't proven themselves thus far as anything but liars and thieves. So you don't trust politicians, why should you trust these CEOs who claim to have worked so hard "EARNING" billions? Well, if you consider stealing, plundering or embezzling earning, then yes, I guess they did! $2.00

Peace Symbol Back By Popular Demand sticker Peace Symbol Back By Popular Demand sticker. We can't take it any more, and we can't afford it, either. Peace is what we're all demanding!
Dimensions: 6" x 3-1/2".

Great. Just When I Make It to the Middle Class Sticker Great! Just when I make it to the middle class, they eliminate it! This 7" oval sticker is a sign of our times and of the polarization of the US economy. If only we could tax the wealthy again... $2.50

Think Green, Vote Blue sticker Think Green, Vote Blue sticker. Let's move to a clean, sustainable, renewable energy society before the GOP and their toxic supporters wreck the environment any more. It's time we made those nasty fossil fuels a thing of the past! Dimensions: 11" x 3"

I'm Too Poor to Vote Republican Sticker N.B. Does not apply to southern rednecks... who love to vote themselves poorer, time and time again. Political antiBush liberal sticker. $2.00

Please Neuter & Spay Your Republicans sticker Please Neuter & Spay Your Republicans sticker. This is our heartfelt tribute to Bristol Palin, daughter of polar bear-hating, moose-munching GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin, who is pregnant out of wedlock once again, at the age of 17. Perhaps there isn't much for Conservetards to do in Alaska, except stay indoors and breed even more uneducated Republicans.
Premium quality, hand made sticker. Dimensions: 11" x 3"

Republicans: Immoral and Not Fit to Govern Sticker This was an idea that we received from a long time customer of ours. It was inspired by the devastation that would happen to our country if republicans have their way. Remind everyone who sees this sticker that the republicans are a party that uses fear to promote profit over people. Dimensions: approximately 2.5" x 10" $2.00

Occupy sticker "Occupy wall street" and "we are the 99%" are the battle cries being heard across the world! But the movement has expanded to occupying more than wall street. The republicans, especially tea baggers, demanded that we "take America back!" Now the "other" 99% are doing just that. If there is indeed a class war, join the people and occupy wall street! $2.00

Politicians and Diapers sticker Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 3 inches (29.21 x 7.62 cm) $2.00

end tax cuts wealthy freedom isn't free pay taxes liberal conservative political sticker trillion debt
Freedom Isn't Free... Pay Your Taxes! sticker Freedom Isn't Free... Pay Your Taxes! sticker. Conservatards love to remind us that Freedom Isn't Free, but they all cry like babies when they have to pay taxes to Support the troops. Without tax revenues, there would be no roads for them to drive their Hummers to 'white power' tea parties, so give them a little reminder with this red, white 'n' true sticker! Dimensions: 11" x 3"

Support Unions They Made the Middle Class Sticker 10x2.5 Let everyone know that you support firefighters, teachers, nurses, police officers, public employees, and labor! We have unions to thank for collective bargaining, safer working conditions and 40 hour work weeks, and higher wages! Most importantly, unions help build and maintain the middle class! $2.00

Don't Believe Everything You Think Sticker Especially if your thoughts are processed and edited for you by Rush Limbaugh or Fox News...
Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm). Political freethought liberal sticker.

Drill Baby Drill Sticker Full message reads: Drill Baby Drill, Goodbye Tourists Goodbye! Also includes a note to "say no to off-shore drilling." Sticker measures 3" x 11.5". $2.00

End Right Wing Violence Stop Killing Liberals stickers End Right wing violence sticker suggests republican and tea baggers stop killing doctors and other liberals. We have a couple of other options on this message. Search for Ballots not Bullets $2.00

If Liberals Hated America They Would Vote Republican, Sticker Say it in no uncertain terms - liberals love the US, unlike the Republicans who seem to like only a few select groups. Be a proud liberal! $2.00

End Right Wing Violence, Ballots not Bullets Some people say that the Right Wing republicans and tea baggers should tone down their violent messages. They should go back to using ballots not bullets. $2.00

If Men Became Pregnant, Abortion Would Be a Sacrament sticker If Men Became Pregnant, Abortion Would Be a Sacrament sticker. Imagine men going through morning sickness, labor pains, birth - and then discovering a nice new set of stretch marks? They'd have a very different view of reproductive rights! Dimensions 11" x 3" (28cm x 7.6cm) Political liberal sticker. $2.00

S-350TheOnlyNumber.gif - The Only Number That Matters sticker - The Only Number That Matters sticker. It's our last chance to save an inhabitable world for future generations, so what are we doing about it? Right-wing fossil-fueled lobbyists prevented any useful, binding action at the recent Copenhagen summit, but the people of planet Earth will not rest until a massive surge to renewable energy is set in motion. Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 3-1/2"

If You Are Against Abortion Get A Vasectomy Sticker If You Are Against Abortion Get A Vasectomy Sticker. Beware - the Dark Ages could return to South Dakota. In an age of chronic over-population, Republicans are too sissy to undergo the kindest, most patriotic cut of all. Political liberal sticker. $2.00

A Man of Quality Sticker It takes a real man who is secure in himself to help empower women - and get out of their way! Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3" (29.2cm x 7.6cm). $2.00

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